Detailed Terms of Service and Data Protection Compliance Mandate

You will find the Terms of Service And Privacy Compliance Summary from our plugin Accept TOS and Registration tab below…

Detailed Terms of Service and Data Protection Compliance Mandate v2018-06m-05d-01

Hi 🙂
To comply with the new requirements under the EU’s privacy law (GDPR) that came into effect May 25, 2018, we’ve updated our Terms of Service And Privacy Compliance Summary, our Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy Spirit Statement, and our Detailed Terms of Service and Data Protection Compliance Mandate.

Should you wish to have sections of our Agreement modified (either for you or in general), please feel free to comment below 🙂

Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy Spirit Statement is not just a plugin, as a part of the global movement towards an „Age of Accordance.“
It represents a shift in global advertising methodology, moving away from surveillance-based advertising towards permission-based advertising. In that light, the spirit of all of our communication is one of friendship and mutual consent.

Detailed Terms of Service and Data Protection Compliance Mandate v2018-06m-07d-01

Binding Contract
Your interaction with is dependent on your acceptance of this binding contract. These terms are a contract between you and us and govern your service, software, support, and community access. Agreeing to these terms is a condition of any interaction with You signify your agreement to these terms and are legally bound by them from the date on which you:
• Click to accept or agree to these Terms where presents an option to do so, either on the Website or otherwise; or
• interact with in any way, in which case you understand and agree that your service use signifies your acceptance of these terms from the moment you first begin to use the service or software, or interact with in any way.
• You agree to handle your own taxes and tax calculations.

The principle of accountability seeks to guarantee the enforcement of Data Protection Principles.

There are obvious risks to data subjects if inaccurate data are processed. Therefore controllers are responsible for taking all reasonable steps to ensure that personal data are accurate.
–The only way we would have “inaccurate” data is if somehow all the userID’s would suddenly point to different accounts, and those then would be accessed by the wrong natural persons. That would only happen in case of getting hacked. Also, we cannot prevent people from inputting inaccurate data about themselves.

Changes to the Services
We may change any aspect of the Service without written notice to you. These changes may include: discontinuing aspects of the service or the service in its entirety, transfer of ownership, changes in fees, enhancements and/or modifications to the software or service, etc. Changes to our terms may also be made at any time and can be changed retroactively to meet legal requirements.

Confidentiality keeps your non-public information in strict confidence. No obligation for confidentiality exists regarding your input for suggested updates.

Support is available for software for which you have paid the applicable fees, however, we do answer free version requests at our leisure. Our pricing policies are made clear on your product page and in your purchase receipt. You have a 30-day no-questions-asked refund grace period, after which no refunds are granted, though you can cancel your service with us at any time by simply canceling your next payment. All fees are due in advance and must be paid in the manner accepted & indicated by

This policy covers all engagement with and use of products and services. Our software is specifically designed to facilitate user rights and preferences regarding advertising and content preferences.
Our software uses the terminology: Publisher, Network, Visitor, and Network-wide to clarify the sources and purposes of the content a visitor sees & a publisher publishes, so that a healthy advertising ecosystem can be designed and implemented. Just like a knife can be used for good or evil, our tool (unfortunately) can be used for both – we have no control over the adz choices a publisher makes – however we reserve the right to cancel your access to tools for any reason at any time – even if you are a paying customer. Expediting an authentic “Age of Accordance” for humanity supersedes even our financial contract with you.
The software has the capacity to serve publisher adz (adz you create), Network adz (adz we create), and Visitor adz (adz served on the basis of visitor preferences).
The free version of the software cycles |: Publisher Ad, Network Ad, Visitor Ad 😐 and repeats.
The paid version of the plugin allows complete control of the adz ecosystem where the Publisher chooses what adz will be served, when, and where.

Data minimisation
The principle of data minimisation is essentially the idea that, subject to limited exceptions, an organisation should only process the personal data that it actually needs to process in order to achieve its processing purposes.
— We are not a data-surveillance agency. We do not collect information that has not been input voluntarily and in order to gain benefit. We don’t want any data anyone does not us to have. Frankly, we reject data that can be verified as having been gathered without consent – OK? Geeze.

Data retention periods
The idea that personal data should not be retained for longer than necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected, or for which they are further processed, is key to ensuring fair processing.

Data Use
There’s something called “phoning home” in the Worpress space & it means that the plugin contacts a database off your site. In order for us to be able to help you create a healthy environment of Advertising Awesomeness, we need you to agree that our plugin will “phone home.” It is literally technically necessary for us to serve your adz from our server, so that we can provide our service to you. Therefore, to use our software, you must agree to let our plugin store your advertisemens on our server, so that we can serve them to you.

Fair Use
In order to maintain a good level of service for all users, the Support service is subject to this Fair Use Policy:
1. Excessive Use is defined as:
1.1. Where the Customer requires more than 2 hours of support in any 30 calendar day period
2. Unreasonable Use is defined as:
2.1. Someone other than the Customer uses the Plugin
2.2. Where Customer repeatedly attempts to use the Service beyond the scope of using the plugin
3. Remedies
3.1. will contact such customesr to inform them of excessive and/or unreasonable use
3.2. will suggest one or more of the following:
3.2.1. Issues logged under excessive or unreasonable conditions will be charged at a rate of US$ 175 per hour
3.2.2. An alternative service or product
3.2.3. The price of the service agreement will be modified to reflect increased usage, and excessive/unreasonable use will be redefined
3.2.4. Your service may be suspended or limited for any period deems necessary
3.2.5. Termination of the service or support agreement with no refund to the Customer

Subscription fees are payable in advance. By purchasing a subscription, you authorize us to charge your payment method immediately and on a pre-pay basis for the subscription period indicated. We may, in our sole discretion, suspend any aspect of the service and discontinue our interaction with you.
To avoid a potential disruption to your service, we offer automatic renewal, and it is enabled by default for all purchases. Unless you notify before the end of the applicable subscription period that you want to cancel, your subscription will automatically renew, and you authorize us to collect the then-applicable monthly or annual and taxes. To cancel, just do so at your My Account page, or cancel your automatic payments to us with your payment provider (Credit Card, Paypal, Bank, etc.), directly .
You agree that we are entitled to discontinue any aspect of our service, if you fail to pay for it or if you breach our terms. If we incur expenses to recover amounts you owe us, you further agree to pay for our recovery expensive including, but not limited to: legal costs, collection charges, tracing fees, and any applicable VAT.

Fundamental principle
Refusal to gain at the expense of harm.

Fundamental principle
For themselves and their children, adults determine the audiences of the information they choose to share. Upon close inspection of the GDPR, it falls ethically below our mandate, because the GDPR makes significant exceptions that allow invasive surveillance, collection, processing and use of personal data. At, you as a publisher, or you as a visitor – are entirely in charge of your data.

For aspects of GDPR compliance that have not been covered in this agreement this far, complies with all aspects of the GDPR mutually recognized as fair and just.
In accordance with the Regulation, our Age of Accordance Procedure is available to direct requesters to an appropriate Data Protection Officer or Specialist on a case-by-case and as needed basis. Because our software has been created, literally by hundreds of people, should a data breach occur, our Age of Accordance Proceedings will point authorities to the correct specialist for the need at hand.
We inform you that we do “process” the data of natural persons, who, quite belittlingly, are described as mere “data subjects” by the creators of the GDPR. interacts with humans and their human needs and desires.
We do not process any user data that is not given to us voluntarily. We anonymize our process and barring hacking or malicious spying, or user intent, your information will remain private. However, the whole point of our platform is for you to share information that you do not wish to be private – though by design, we won’t share your name with any offer providers. You will be able to connect to your desired offers through our platform, but they will not know who you are – unless you’d like to be contacted by them – which would happen, for example, if you are interested in lawn care and you click on a lawn care ad – and schedule a lawn care appointment.
As a conscious, caring, human being, called a “data subject” by the creators of the GDPR, you have the “right” to “request” your data (which is kind of silly, because it’s data you input so that you would get excellent adz, or it’s data that you input to serve excellent adz to your audience, so why would we not make it possible for you to see the data that you input – which is actually part and parcel of the service we offer and that, by using our software, you want?).
You have the “right” to have your data “corrected,” which you can do by editing your own data.
You have the “right to erasure,” which literally sounds sinister, and we stand for the “right to be remembered,” but hey, if you want to be deleted from our system, just delete your account.
You also have the “right to complain.” Complaints about unlawful use of your data are to be made at the correct data controller. Complaints are to be submitted with proper analysis of the nature and type of the unlawful use and the responsible parties, and the submitter of the complaint agrees to inform all affected persons and parties.

Additional Details (
Fair, lawful and transparent processing
The requirement to process personal data fairly and lawfully is extensive. It includes, for example, an obligation to tell data subjects what their personal data will be used for.

“Publishers” are websites or publications that use software or services.
“Visitors” are individuals who visit the websites of our “Publishers.”
An “Audience” is how we describe a group of people that interacts with a website.
Network-wide adz: adz that are served to the entire network.
Publisher adz: Adz that a publisher adds to a website.
Visitor adz: Adz based on visitor preferences.
Personal information: information that can be used to identify a “natural person,” such as: name, address, email address, phone number…
Publisher account: you make an account to be able to serve adz to your audience. Your adz are served from our server so we can serve them.
Visitor account: you make an account and share descriptions of products you’d like to receive offers about. You can even share links to existing products, so we can serve you adz you actually want.

If you don’t agree, we don’t agree
We are not beholden to agreements made between us, if you have not made an agreement with us.

Information Collected Via Technology
As you use the Services, external parties may process certain information about you, including your web viewing and search activities across unrelated websites, browser type, operating system, mobile device identifiers, email address that has been hashed to generate an alphanumeric identifier, use of ad blocking tools, information about the possible relationships among different browsers and devices, and information about the precise location of your device. We are not responsible for the actions taken by others. may store cookies on your device because it is not possible to load or offer key functionalities on our website, such as logging in to your account, displaying dynamic elements or uploading information without “cookies.”
To provide you with multimedia functionalities. Videos and other media often rely on cookies to function correctly. In addition, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can use cookies to see if you are logged in and enable you to “like” content or send it to your friends. Depending on your settings, these external parties may also use such information for advertising purposes. If you would like to know more about this, please refer to the respective privacy policies of these third parties;
For statistical purposes and to analyze and improve the use and performance of our Services and to do the same for our Publishers’ websites; and
To provide our Visitors with interest-based advertising and the ability to opt out of such advertising as further described in this Privacy Policy.
Our website and Services may use both session cookies (which expire once you close your web browser) and persistent cookies (which stay on your device until you delete them).

Information Collected Via Technology
The environment is an ecosystem of mutually beneficial consent, yet larger players in advertising are not. If you receive or serve adz that are not to your liking, let us know and work with your preferences. may store cookies on your device. Cookies make websites work. We need you to be able to log in, view videos, fill out forms, and use the features of the site. That requires cookies.
We use standard analytical tools available to website publishers to figure out how well we are doing in serving you.
Opting out is quite easy, just don’t use the service. You have to actually use it to be “using it,” you can delete your account at any time, and all you have to do is leave.

Information Shared With Us
The whole point of our community is to create a healthy advertising ecosystem based on mutually beneficial sharing of desires and offers. As a visitor, if you share with us that you’d like to make a purchase of a particular product, we will do our best to serve you offers that match your desires – while giving you the power to financially support publishers that you care about.
Affiliate fees are a cog in our process, and our system can enable publishers, the network, and may even enable visitors to collect affiliate fees in the future.
At this point in time, your profile is anonymized, and no offer providers know your name, but in the future – we may even let you let ad networks know what you want – if you grant your consent and are interested in receiving offers. Why not?
When you correspond with us, for example via email, of course we will “collect” that information, because how else are we to respond to you?
When you choose publisher settings and create adz, of course we will store that information for you, because all adz are served off of our servers.

As a visitor, when you post an adzwish, of course we save that information and pass it on to suppliers – how else are we going to get offers to you?
At this time we don’t pass on any information about your identity.

Information You Provide to Us
The Personal Information we gather from our Publishers and Visitors helps us provide the Services and learn more about how our Publishers and Visitors use Services. We collect the following Personal Information that our Publishers and Visitors submit to us voluntarily:
Information from Publishers: Our Publisher registration process requires a valid email address and a username and password. We may also request optional information to support use of the Services, such as the first and last name, bio, year of birth, zip code, and country of residence for the Publisher contact. We may collect information about the categories of content our Publishers typically make available to others on pages integrated with Services and link it to data provided for that account.

Information from Publishers and Visitors: You may choose to provide us with other Personal Information.
You can choose not to provide us with certain Personal Information, but this may limit the features of the Services you are able to use.

Law and venue
Any disputes in connection with this agreement are governed by Austrian law and must be brought before the courts of Vienna, Austria. A company move to Latvia is in the works and may be completed at any time.

Limitation of liability
While diligent measures are taken to make sure we serve our clients and audience well, accepts no liability for any damages caused in connection with the products or services under this agreement. This includes but is not limited to damages in the form of missed profits, data loss, failure to operate, or lost revenue. Essentially what we are saying is: keep backups and don’t try to blame us if your advertising isn’t profitable. Designing a profitable content and ad environment can be easy, hard, fast, or slow, depending on the factors involved in your endeavors. We are here to help but are not responsible for your success.

This plugin falls under the philosophical concept of “The Age of Accordance,” which is a book about what the 22nd century could look like, if humanity takes certain healthy steps — now. In an Age of Accordance, permission-based advertising is possible, but surveillance-based advertising, is not. In an Age of Accordance – you are asked what you would like – and you cannot be spied upon. For that reason, web users can configure their adz preferences – to receive adz for products they actually want 🙂

Using the free version of our plugin, you share adz rotation placements with our network. You receive the commissions from purchases made from the adz you’ve published, and the network receives the commissions from its adz. So, instead of requiring payment, in the free version, we share adz rotation space. In the paid version of the plugin, you, as the Publisher, have precise control over the serving of Publisher, Network, and Visitor Adz. “Network Wide” adz are automatic in the free version of the plugin, and they give our network the ability to serve high-paying adz to the users of our plugin. In the paid version, you can turn them on or off. Results will vary.

Have you read the terms of service statements of giants like Amazon, Google, YouTube, or FaceBook? It’s like they empower you but disempower you & claim to protect you but don’t really protect you & claim everything yet have no liability and can do anything, etc. Well, apparently, that’s what you gotta do to survive online nowadayz. So, we do the same thing. Our stipulations are explained in our Detailed Terms of Service and Data Protection Compliance Mandate, and we retain the option to retroactively modify our policies so that you cannot destroy us. You may not abuse or seek to destroy or malign our service. You may not use it maliciously to seek to frame our business into lawsuits, criminal activity, or wrongdoing. The goal of this software is to expedite the dawn of an age where mutual consent becomes the norm.
Our Terms of Service and Data Protection Compliance Mandate describe our position on information & personal data processed by the software.

Protection from Predation
As an Age of Accordance eliminates currently perceived social problems like pollution, poverty, and overpopulation, it is expected but not desired that the plugin could face predatory or pathological attack.
We will not fight, you will not attack. Maintain your own tech, don’t come at us with some lawsuit about losses – watch your campaigns, learn, enjoy, and make your money – but there is too much positive work to do for the advancement of humanity to bicker, argue, or fight – so if you don’t want to participate in a healthy, loving revolution of mutual agreement and consent guiding humanity towards an Age of Accordance – or if we perceive that you are not participating in healthy, ethical, or kind money-making, we reserve the right to withdraw from our relationship at any time, and take no responsibility for any of your predictably fake losses designed to entrap us into fake liability.

Blahbiddy Blah
Blahbiddy blah, biddy biddy blah blah blah biddy blah biddy biddy blahbiddy blah. Blah blah data, blah blah natural person, blah blah blah data subject, blah blah biddy biddy blah biddy blah blah badiddybiddyblahblah. Boom zing patoon swing, ching kachang, bading badang bow bow wallah wallah zibbidy blah badahh blah badahh badoom boom bing. Blah blah biddyblah badiddy blah. Zing zang ding dang, wah blah zah blah hoi doy zoy moy toy ploy zoy doy ding dang bing bang. Blah blah right to change right to this that and the other thing. This Blahbiddy Blah paragraph gives and its representatives the right to retroactively change the words of this paragraph into any other words, add them remove them, change them and delete them, as well as any other words of this agreement, also retroactively, at any time & thereafter hold all participants accountable to the changed version of the agreement.

The purpose of this clause is very simple: to prevent predation. The founder lives a life of refusing to gain at the expense of harm — but not even governments do that. The founder seeks to help humanity improve its condition by ending poverty, halting the destruction of our natural resources, ending all human rights infringements, advocating for parental and medical human rights, ending tyranny, and facilitating the dawning of an age of accordance — for humanity. Because of that, the founder of predicts the possibility of pathological, predatory, and psychopathic attacks on the system, community, and its associated websites, organizations, and intentions. As a preemptive countermeasure expressly forbids any kind of attack on his family, businesses, property, companies, interests, or friends. If you are seeking to destroy, you are forbidden to do so. It is always better to work together than to destroy others. Synergy is always better than destructive competition. And destruction, as such, is always dependent on construction.

Zone of Accordance and all of the projects and intentions of its founder are hereby declared a zone of accordance, with a constant, prayerful request for joyful divine protection and assistance. The surest sign of the Holy Spirit, is Joy! So, may our endeavors be joyful, may they bring financial abundance and advertising harmony, and a spirit of interconnectedness and mutual support — to everyone. And if you seek to cause us harm, if you seek to destroy, you already agree to leave us alone. We do not need to read your court documents. You can leave us alone. If we have trespassed against you, we will make amends, because we are honest and kind. If you seek to manipulate the law to bring us into some kind of fines or distress, then we reserve the right to ignore you entirely.

The purpose limitation principle
In summary, the purpose limitation principle states that personal data collected for one purpose should not be used for a new, incompatible, purpose.
— of course we won’t do that. We’ve designed an ecosystem of mutual consent.

Results & Liability
The software is “as is,” results may vary & all that gas. We have had super-high-level coders working on the plugin. But really, you gotta manage your website on your own & you accept full responsibility for your own actions. If a plugin conflict arises with our plugin, which should be super unlikely, that’s just the nature of today’s Web. Let us know, we’ll do our best to correct things, but the plugin is delivered to you “as is.”

Our paid version gives you access to technical support. The free version is supported, at our leisure, at

Terms 1
Our Terms of Service and Data Protection Compliance Madnate apply to the plugin, software, update, and support services provided by the team, you as a licensee of the GPL-licensed software provided by, and your interaction with your audience and the team.

Terms 2
To gain any form of relationship, contact, or engagement with the team — or to use any software, service, information or products, you must acknowledge and agree to this Detailed Terms of Service and Data Protection Compliance Mandate. Because we hold ourselves to the values of an authentic “Age of Accordance,” our data protection mandate offers more protections for individual data than the GDPR itself. We’re really riding the first wave of something something healthy, profitable, and completely new — so enjoy!

Updates releases updates to its software from time to time to make sure things work. Definitely send us feature requests, as we will seek to help you create the most wholesome advertising experience for your audience possible.

We do not warranty or guarantee our service or software in any manner. We cannot guarantee if it will function with all third party components, plugins or web browsers. If you run adz to a non-receptive audience, your adz may be ignored. Browser compatibility should be tested and if you notice any glitches, let us know. We cannot guarantee that our plugin will work with all theme/plugin/browser/software combinations.

What This Privacy Policy Covers
We collect information about Publishers and Visitors. “Publishers” are websites or publications where are, or natural persons who interact with on behalf of such websites or publications. “Visitors” are individuals who visit our Publishers’ websites. We use and disclose information collected from or about our Publishers and Visitors as described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy describes’s use of Personal Information and Other Information that we collect when you use the Services. “Personal Information” means any information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify a natural person (or data subject), such as contact information (like name, address, e-mail address, and/or phone number), any other data that is associated with the contact information, and/or information that identifies a browser or device such as an IP address, advertising identifier, cookie identifier, or email address that has been hashed to generate an alphanumeric identifier, or combination of information about a browser or. “Other Information” means information that is not associated with or linked to your Personal Information including aggregate or anonymized information. We collect and use Personal Information and Other Information as described in this Privacy Policy from both Publishers and Visitors.
The Services contain links to websites or content, including advertisements, operated and maintained by third parties, over which we have no control. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of a third-party website before disclosing any information to the website.